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About the Photographer

As the son of a Retired Fire Chief, Photographer Matthew Henderson has fire in his blood. 
His mission is to show the world the conditions in which Firefighters live and work every day.
The goal is to take the viewer to the front lines and bring them the smell, the sight and the very taste of smoke through his powerful images.

After serving in the United States Navy and working in Research and Design for companies such as Microsoft and Toyota, Matthew chose to leave the R&D world for more adrenaline-fueled pursuits in photography. First taking on storm-chasing and lightning photography, he then moved on to photojournalism, specializing in breaking news with Police and Fire coverage, where he then entered the world of the Wildfire.

His photographs quickly garnered several thousand followers on Facebook, where he brings a beyond-the-roadblocks view to those most affected by the wildfires. He especially enjoys providing constant updates to those who have been evacuated and their families, going so far as to personally check on homes and property when asked.

He credits Firefighters at the Woodland Fire Department, Madison Volunteer Fire Department and West Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department with donating gear and advice.
And individuals like Cody Snodgrass and Jake Hickok for field and radio support as well as off-site intel while he's on the fire lines.
And of course, his wife and three daughters, who never fail to lend understanding and support when wildfire season rolls around.

When he's not on the fire lines, Matthew enjoys gardening with his daughters, fishing, teaching photography, and immensely enjoys flying in both fixed and rotor winged aircraft. He has been known to never turn down a chance to fly, whether it be photographing the USAF Thunderbirds from an Air Force KC-10 or hanging out the side of a helicopter, photographing a racing P-51.